Feb 01, 2023
Sally Crouch
Claire Aldrich Legacy - 'Claire Kit' in association with Genetics Otago

Sally Crouch's daughter Claire died at the age of 9 months as a consequence of a genetic mutation.  Sally and her husband approached Genetics Otago wanting to make a monetary donation for research into genetic mutations but instead the faculty members suggested that Sally enrolled into a medical degree.  Sally starts her studies in 2023 but in the meantime Genetics Otago together with Genetics Teaching Programme have put together an educational kit to encourage High School students to study medicine with a focus on genetic mutations in the human genome.

The kit will be the size of a carry on suitcase and will be available to high schools around New Zealand.  The Claire Kit will contain a brand-new set of electrophorsesis equipment that is large enough for a class of up to 30 students.  The kit will also contain information for teachers, videos and paper and computer-based activities to complement the practical experiment.