The editor's apology for the late distribution of the Bulletin.  Memory is going.
Lake Taupo Bike Challenge  – 26 November 2022
The entries are now open and don't forget to include the code 'HVR22' for a rotary club discount.  Using this code gives all points from the entrants' mileage is credited to the club.  We want to retain the cup we won 4 years ago.
It would be great to have a few supporters on hand. 
Have a think about it and let Jo know if you can come.
Accommodation can be arranged at a very reasonable cost.
Rotary International Convention 2023 – Imagine What’s Next
27 – 31 May 2023 in Melbourne
It will be in Melbourne, so it’s an amazing opportunity to experience a convention of epic proportions.
Chat with Derrick, Jo or Judy if you want to find out a bit more or check out Melbourne | Rotary Convention
The suggestion is that we look to register individually but book accommodation as a group.
Rotary Hutt Valley