Next Weekend
The online registration process is very simple…Please read on….
- The link   will take you straight to the Conference page.
-A box on the left of that page is headed LINKS and below that are the words Register here! 
- Click on the words Register here! -  you will be taken to the Guide to registering page; read the instructions on that page.
- then scroll down to the bottom half of that page to start entering your details.
- You will see the option to login to ClubRunner to shortcut the registration process (If you enter your ClubRunner login it will automatically enter your details, but obviously that won't work for non-Rotarian partners, so you have to fill in the fields yourself). You do not have to use the ClubRunner option.
- From here on follow the online instructions giving the required details about the Registrant, option choices, details of payment and other questions.
An alternative to the above is to just go to the District 9940 home page where you can click on News & Events at the top and click on D9940 Conference 2019 and it will take you to the same Conference page as above and you follow the same directions and instructions.
Please remember the following:-
  • Each person attending Conference must be registered individually; however, payment of fees into the given bank account may be done jointly.
  • Please note: The suffix on the bank account is ‘03’ not ’00.’
  • Choose your options to suit. Note the benefits and timeline of ‘Early Bird Registrations.’                                                                 
  •  ‘Give it a go’ but please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help.
Graeme Prince                                                      
District 9940 Conference
Ph: 06 3452448
Mobile: 027 3032562