It will certainly be interesting to see what evolves as the country adjusts to weeks of hibernating.  Here's just a few suggestions of some things to do once the house is spotless and you're tired of Netflix:
  • Browse the online collections of Te Papa or world famous museums
  • Try online yoga or meditation; There's plenty of videos available on You Tube
  • Call a friend you haven't spoken to in years. 
  • Write a hand-written letter to a loved one outside your 'bubble'.  I know my kids are amazed whenever they receive  personal letter in the post!
  • Create clues for a Treasure Hunt (for kids/grandkids) and send it to them to complete the hunt
  • Play board games online, by yourself of try linking with others.  Google: Online Games
  • Do some baking and drop it at your friend's letterbox. They'll love it!
  • See for free broadcast of live concerts
  • Checkout to view a different opera each day
If you come across something you think may be of interest, drop the editor a note with a few words about your suggestion and a link to the webpage.