Thank you❤
It was so inspirational to tell our story to you.
I was so touched by your reactions. It really was an honour to visit your discon. If the project was memorable for me  I must say that this presentation was also.
Thank you also for those recognitions. I (and we) appreciate those a lot. It was surprise for me and we will keep it as a surprise for the others until our district conference where those will be presented.
I have finally got the last invoices, and I have asked our bookkeeper to send me the necessary bank statements. Then our report will be ready to send to TRF. In a few days I think.
My very best regards to you,
Eila Parviainen
DG 2021–2022
D1390 Finland
+358 (0)40 536 5166
la 18. maalisk. 2023 klo 10.07 Judy Bain (judy.bain@me.com) kirjoitti:
Dear Eila and Veli

Your story was so well received by Rotarians in D9940. So many tears recognising your delivery of the ambulances, medical supplies and woollen goods all in the name of Rotary. A truly amazing story of courage, energy and, most importantly, delivery of your vision.

How lucky I am to have you as my friends. I can hardly wait to meet you in Melbourne.

Fond good wishes and grateful thanks.

Call anytime

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