Paul really started something creative when he shared his first verse to the Ode to Lockdown -- and the team has been adding to it ever since!
If life in your bubble
Is causing you trouble
Don't get yourself in a muddle
Cos we'll soon be back in a huddle  
Every day Ken goes to a beach,
but yet he is never in breach.
How does he do it?  I hear you say
because he dreams in our van up our driveway.
We still may not be able to cuddle
Our new way of life may be a bit if of a fuddle
A worker, a teacher, a parent we all have to juggle
But you know what, saving your life is worth all the trouble
This tiresome virus
will certainly try us,
but social isolation
will see its cessation
When caring and sharing
Please don't get to daring
As Jacinda and Ashley
Could get a bit scratchy
Who'd ever heard of Zoom before
The imposition of level four?
But now it is the choice reliever
For the symptoms of our cabin fever
My life in the bubble is no trouble
As I am very experienced at being in a muddle
and in trouble 
But I do look forward to being again in a huddle 
And so our thoughts turn to Level 3
What will it mean for you and me
Will be be here for 2 weeks or 3
Who knows, so long as we get our online delivery