Last Chance - Please bring your vetting forms to Wednesdays meeting and don't forget the photocopies of two photo IDs. ie: passport and/or Firearms or Drivers Licence
At our last board meeting in early March, the board discussed in detail a recommendation from District 9940.  This recommendation was relating to police vetting of all Rotary club members who have contact with young people and other vulnerable people such as the elderly or disabled district-wide. This follows a recommendation to vet all Rotarians from RotaryInternational. 
There are two levels of vetting: Those members who have casual day-to-day contact with vulnerable people. This vetting is valid for 10 years.
Level 2 vetting is for members who have any contact for any overnight event, either at their home or elsewhere. This vetting is more intense and is valid for 3 years.
There is also a set of Guidelines for Rotarians to follow when in contact with vulnerable people. More information in the linked document.
After discussion, the club board decided to accept the recommendation and introduce the vetting and guidelines to our membership, for both present and future members. While this entirely voluntary, the board encourages all members to participate.  There is no cost to the member or the club.
For more information about this proposal click here
Please fill in the forms provided and a photocopy of the following documents:
We need 2 individual photographic IDs ie Drivers or Firearms Licence or Passport, even if expired by less than 6 months. These documents will be verified by the club President. 
The applications and attached documents will be posted to the District Police Liaison Office by Ken Chandler.
Please note:  Forms will be available at our next couple of meetings.
Any questions please contact Ken on 027 4501 259