Posted by Lorraine Girvan
Newer members of our club may not realise that in 2003 our club started a reading assistance program in Epuni, Pomare and Rata Street schools.  Every morning volunteers are rostered intp these schools to have the children read to them.  Many of these children have no assistance in the homes and the schools say the program is really worthwhile.
The convenor for the past 13 – 14  years has been Judith Clarke who took over when our own Ron Bain sadly departed from us.  Every December Judith and her husband Brian have hosted a morning tea at their home to thank the 30 -40 tutors, the school principals and supporters from our club.  Judith and Brian are now leaving their home in Waterloo to move to a villa in Shona McFarlane and this will be the last year they will be able to host the party.  All Club members who have been involved in this program are invited,  it will be our opportunity to thank Judith. 
Let me know numbers,  text is best 0274-436 981 - Wednesday, December 4th 10-30am  31a St Ronans Ave. 
Judith is remaining involved in the program and she has trained up her successor, Jo Martin, who is handling things really well and enabling,  with Judith’s support,  the program to continue.