Overview of Remark-it: https://youtu.be/Ra-t_qXudfo
Thought I would follow up with a few tips below about security.
To wipe an HDD, various programs are available that will physically overwrite the entire disk. Why these are the best on the market they are better than just formatting a Hard Drive.
The following software is available:
  • DBAN (free) – all platforms (requires burning to CD or a USB stick)
  • Eraser (free) – Windows only
Following best practices in creating passwords for personal and business accounts.
Phishing attacks
Phishing is a type of email scam. The sender pretends to be a trustworthy organisation-like a bank, government agency, trusted customer or even a work colleague- it is an attempt to get you to provide them with personal information.
If you have a Phishing attack you can send the email to: phishpond@ops.cert.govt.nz
Read more on Phishing attacks and how to safeguard yourself go to:  Phishing | CERT NZ
Password protection.
The video below presents a great reminder of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating a password.
For more information on Password, protection go to CERTNZ
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