In our world today, it cannot be emphasised enough that we must prioritise our mental wellbeing, and take care of ourselves. As youth, we are completely immersed in a environment where we, along with our peers, friends and family, are all affected by mental health issues one way or another. This is how our Interact group decided on our first project, which was: ‘Wellness bags’ designed to promote self-care and self-love, for the pact group's youth clients.
The resulting Wellness Bags we made (on our assembly day) contain a stress ball, lavender bath salts, fruit tea, a bundle of positive affirmations/ quotes, and a small, but special book. Inside this book, we have included two anonymous stories written by two Oran's girls who have battled mental health issues but were able to overcome them in the end. There is also a "Wellness Toolbox," a page of Helpful Resources and a colouring-in page.
I am immensely grateful to Jo Newlove, and Hutt Valley Rotary for the opportunity to start the Interact club at my school this year, we are very excited for the future.
Jess Ye, on behalf of Interact