VIVITA Aotearoa is an innovation studio and ideas accelerator providing free access for all children to create and innovate. Aimed for children at ages 9-15, the studio guides creativity through a self-guided learning experience, workshops and mentor pairing. The studio works closely with local organisations, ventures and communities, to bridge the gap in inclusive innovation education for youth. VIVITA Aotearoa is part of the VIVITA International network of innovation studios and a community of creative children.
Upcoming event:
School holiday 5-day workshop 27th of April - 1st of May
Nature Heroes Board Game Creation @ Johnsonville Library at Waitohi Hub

NATURE HEROES: BOARD GAME workshop aims to bring kids on a journey to discover conservation problems that Aotearoa is currently facing and find ways to tackle the issues by creating a simple yet educational and engaging board game.
During this 5-day workshop, youth ages 9-15 learn about the concepts of design thinking, engage in creative problem solving, learn to use software and hardware and other tools found in the library’s Tūhura Hive Makerspace, and then apply these lessons to the creation of a board game centred around the theme of conversation.

Link to register:
How can Rotary Help?

1. We are currently looking for a semi-permanent (6 months or longer) studio space in Te aro or Newtown, with a reduced rate. Key features: around 100sq (can be bigger), 24/7 access, accessibility, has running water and toilets, is "creativity friendly" (wear and tear, preferably not carpeted floors).

2. Access to networks and community managers who would be willing to share information about VIVITA to reach every kid who might be interested.

3. Volunteers and mentors (either individually or bringing organisations onboard) who would be keen on sharing their craft and inspiring the kids.

4. Looking for people or organisations interested in co-creating events and workshops to provide exposure to a variety of industries and skills for the kids.

5. Supporting VIVITA with in-kind services and/or supplies (materials for arts and crafts, second-hand technology laptops/tablets etc) that we can use at the studio and for the workshops.

Contact info to get connected: