Join us to visit Lane Street Studios on Thursday the 8th of September at 4 pm at the security gate.
Lane Street Studios is a newly completed $53M film and TV production facility set up to cater for large international screen projects. Lane Street was the original brainchild of rotary Member Rod Evans and Rod and his family have funded the facility through to completion. Lane Street will provide at least 600 new jobs for the film sector and a wide range of opportunities to all of the ancillary sectors required to house, feed, transport and entertain this large influx of cast and crew to our region.
Hear from Rod Evans and Kristy Grant (CEO of Lane Street) about the journey to complete this world-class and world-leading facility.
Following the Tour, we are meeting for a meal at Boneface in Brewtown which is just around the corner from the Lane Street Studios
The Studios are at 32 Lane Street, Wallaceville Upper Hutt and Boneface is at 27 Blenheim Street, Maidstone.