Posted by Lorraine Girvan
Rotary produce the most wonderful Christmas Puddings every year as a fundraiser for clubs.  They turn out to be a simple way to feed a large number at the Christmas Table.  They arrive in a tin with rotary promotion engraving, which can be boiled in a pot prior to the meal and stay warm for several hours. You can also cut them out of the tim and microwave (my health conscious children won’t allow that though).  If you only have a limited number who enjoy Christmas pud you can cook them, use what you require then slice up leftovers, freeze and use them over the winter – a little brandy, custard and cream – delish on a cold winters night- your family and friends will be impressed.
They sell for  $20 each  ($5 towards our community projects)– great for gifts to family, friends or clients at Christmas with a bottle of something and you are promoting Rotary at the same time. 
Ring or text Lorraine 0274 - 436981 and she will order and arrange delivery.