Applications are well underway for RYLA 2023 to be hosted this year by the Kapiti Rotary Club, and we're so excited about the support we've had so far!
We aim to have all applications in by 15 November 2022, but if you are having timing challenges with getting in your nominee, just let us know.
I've attached a Facebook post as a .png file which can be used if your club has a page, or feel free to put it on your club website.
We're excited to support RYLA 2023 this year in its new location in Kapiti and are looking for nominations for youth from our community to attend this amazing opportunity.
Do you know an 18-24 year old who would benefit from this chance to unleash their leadership potential?  
Maybe a student about to leave college, an apprentice, a university or trade student, or a young worker in our community?
Nominate them now!  

Applications close 15 November 2022, but if you are having timing challenges with getting in your nominee, just let us know!
Just a recap from my last email...
For support through sponsorship, we are seeking funding of $1,100 per youth candidate for this 5 day residential programme, which covers all costs for a youth participant.  We encourage clubs that may not have the full funding raised to support sponsoring a candidate by combining with a neighbouring candidate to sponsor.  Or perhaps your club members might have a great relationship with a local business that would like to support through sponsorship.
For the promotion of and nomination of candidates, we encourage you to make all of your club members aware of the programme so they can 
  • identify and nominate 18-24-year-old candidates that club members know who show leadership promise and would benefit from the encouragement and self-development that this intensive leadership programme offers,
  • Canvas your local business community to see if they have young workers with leadership potential they would like to send on the course (and maybe even sponsor!).  Trade apprentices, young retail staff, and existing team leaders - we would love to have a balanced perspective from the young leaders attending this year's RYLA.
  • Connect with your local colleges to ask them to promote the opportunity to senior students
  • Link into any tertiary training institutions you may have in your area, including specialised vocational training.
For more information or application forms contact Paul Newsom