Tree Planting at Tongariro
Hi Everybody,
This afternoon I have confirmed with Shirley Potter that we are good to go on Saturday 29 July 2023. 
I am waiting to hear from my friend Sheryl who owns (I think she still owns it) Tokaanu Lodge Motel - its handy, warm and has hot pools!!!  Plus it's very cost effective (aka cheap).
Previously, we've been able to take our dogs to the motel and tree planting - so don't let that stop you from attending.
As with previous trips we tend to travel up on Friday 28 July and have a team meal at the motel. 
Plant trees and/or tidy weeds etc on Saturday 29 July followed by another team meal back at the motel. 
Travelling home on Sunday 30 July.
Please let me know if you're keen to join a group, it's been a highlight of the club calendar for some years.
Joanna Newlove
Secretary - Rotary Hutt Valley
Lake Taupo Challenge